Days 12, 13 & 14/100

or the busy busy busy life

+ I’m officially changing this for #100happydays, because this is what everything is about right now

+ busy week at college, tons of lectures and seminars, and hang outs with friends and now I’m tired and happy

+ my roommate is completely amazing, and let me sleep in his bed while cook lunch to us this week. he’s a keeper for sure

+ I’ll go to a little trip this weekend, and maybe there will be no internet, so…wait for me!

Day 11/100

or the day i fall in love with my teachers

+ first day of college and it was perfect! everyday I feel more and more like I’m part of something here. All of my teachers are amazing, full of energy and different influences, which makes the course even more attractive.

+ one of them, the coordinator, is specially incredible. He’s feminist, lovely and a visionary. He implemented the SUS, our public system of healthy, and the program of family health, nationally. He is just awesome.

+ and i said that i wanted to hug him during his lecture on saturday (that’s how much I loved it) and he just hugged me, and said “it’s a pleasure to have you here, welcome”

+ happy happy happy

day 10/100

or the day when the sunday becomes soccer day

+ looooong talks with mom, dad and big bro at the phone makes my heart warm

+ watch soccer + beer + friends

+ hangover and laundry day do not match

This makes me happy 😊

and you make me even more happier Jack  :) :)

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